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Thank you all once again for taking the time out of your lives to be here. My purpose for this campaign is to create a way for everyone to have the opportunity to afford high quality art for at a feasible price.  Many of you have contacted me about your appreciation for my art, and I thank you, yet sometimes the costs could not fit into your budget. Well this is my way of changing the rules of art for your benefit.

Recently I had to come to a better understanding of myself. It is true, my desire to be the greatest I can possibly be is one of my goals and as I improve I would like the value of my work to reflect that. However, what if those who've been so supportive of me from the beginning one day can no longer afford a painting?  Well, this campaign will be the antidote to always remembering my beginnings.  I know it is because of you, your constant support and persistent love that I have come to be who I am and where I am. 

How this works

In order to make this possible, we have to cut out the middle man - these are major corporations such as Fedex Kinkos, Office Depot, Staples, etc.  Printing in these places prices can range anywhere between $25 - $100 and above - this is just to make the print!  So that means that in order to see a profit of any sort I would have to begin with how much I paid to print it off - let alone for the art itself.

So imagine if there was no middle man, only direct access to all of the resources I would need to personally create your prints for you.  This would not only speed up the process of creation and delivering, it would also lower the price you pay automatically. Which means more art for you!  

$25 saves $10,000+

By contributing just twenty-five dollars to our goal of $2,500, with 100 people we can begin to save the community tens of thousands of dollars. How? Well think about it, art never stops. There is always a new creation to be made - one that pulls your heartstrings.  The more people purchase. the more people save!  All of that money that would go directly to an outside resources, stays in your pocket.  That's economical.

where your money is going

Printer -                                     $ 1,999 (plus S&h)
24x100' ROLL Paper                    $ 100 (PER ROLL)
INK                                       $450-$900
                                      COST: $2,500+


Well I thought you'd never ask!  
By donating $25 to this cause you will receive: 

 -   ANY FREE PRINT OF YOUR CHOICE available on my website. 
 -  Automatically placed in a raffle for 1 free commissioned painting.

Thank you for taking the time out to support this cause!  If you'd like to donate please click below: