the agape. experience




Tyree' Barnes, or better known as agape., is a self taught artist currently residing in North Carolina.  His art makes a statement of transparency and vulnerability -  his bold use of colors causes the viewer to be drawn into the overall emotion of the piece before consciously conceptualizing its form.  Agape. draws his inspiration from all over which gives persuades his eclectic style, however he is drawn mostly by the female human body, natural elements, and the infinite forms of love.

About three years ago agape. began pursuing his dream, though at the time he didn't realize it.  He says "one year I just woke up and it felt like there was a hole in my stomach, and no matter how busy I made myself, nothing would fulfill it. So I made a decision that I would spend all of my time doing whatever it is that felt natural for me.  From that day I spent 3 consecutive months day in and day out, painting. That is when I knew this was beyond a hobby for me; rather a burning passion; a spiritual unfolding. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life."

Agape.'s intent is to stir the soul of his viewers by transforming poetry into painting. He believes that colors, just like words are a form of energy; that certain colors fused can create the same emotion as a memory or a sentence.  His journey has led him to create in prestigious art shows such as MovingArtAtl, NC Museum of Art, CUPSI, as well as his own Art show series titled Water and Wine; showcasing artists from across the state of North Carolina. Agape.'s next mission is to spread his art form into every continent in the world.